EMSCULPT NEO considered a breakthrough in non invasive body shaping, It is the revolutionary procedure for simultaneously delivering heat and magnetic energy at the same time. This results in more fat reduction and more muscle growth in various body parts compared to any single gold standard product.

* In 4 sessions the temperature in fat reaches levels that cause removal.

* The muscle temperature raises by several degrees similar to the warm up before exercise, and it contracts in the treated areas.

* The fat cells are slowly removed and allow the muscle fibers to grow.


* EMSCULPT NEO the edge technology of non invasive body contouring.

* Walk in and walk out, no downtime, no anesthesia.

* Med Gym membership one weekly treatment x 4 weeks, then monthly treatment for maintenance.

* Treats Biceps, Triceps, Abdomen, Buttocks, Thighs, and Calves

* Treatment duration 30 minutes for large muscles and 20 minutes for small muscles.

* 30% less fat , and 25% more muscle achievable results.